Beatrice Dalle

Beatrice Dalle is a French actress who made a sensation in French cinema from the start of her career. She was revealed to the public through her role in Jean-Jacques Beineix’s cult movie, 37°2 Le matin, as Betty Blue. This role earned her international. She then participated in many other film projects such as Trouble Every Day and L’intrus by Claire Denis, and collaborated with independent cinema legends such as Jim Jarmusch and Abel Ferrara. She continues to be active on screen by participating in film and television projects. In addition to her film career, Beatrice Dalle is also recognized for her bold and provocative style, which has made her a fashion icon. She has been the face of several advertising campaigns for Saint Laurent. Beatrice Dalle is also an accomplished theater actress; she has appeared in many plays in France, including at the Comédie-Française and the Odéon - Théâtre de l‘Europe. She has worked with David Bobée in Recreation of Warm in 2018, then Elephant Man in 2019, and Viril in 2020, a play where she read texts and lyrics of feminist and anti-racist songs alongside Virginie Despentes and rapper Casey. The success of Lucrece Borgia testifies to her undeniable talent, where she stated that she lived the piece more than she played it. This actress, who carries within her the passion for Pasolini’s work, with three film projects in preparation, is undoubtedly a cinema icon who deserves special attention. Thanks to her remarkable talent and unmatched vision, she is forging her way to the legend of the seventh art.