Alice Moitié

Alice is a talent to follow, creating fun and entertaining works that captivate her audience. She has become an iconic figure in photography and videography. With a sparkling personality and universe, Alice is very popular on social media, with over 150 k followers on Instagram.She collaborated with many brands like Converse, Adidas, Nike, Mercedes and Givenchy, or for fashion magazines like Vogue and I-D. She also captured in shooting great names like Miley Cyrus, ASAP Rocky, Robbie Williams, Orlsan, Angèle or Clara Luciani.She provides playful and amusing content that attracts a large and loyal community. She recently made a splash on TikTok with her quirky humor and sense of style. In March 2023, she appeared as an actress in a satirical Arte miniseries Canis Familiaris, where she plays the role of a dog in the middle of a hierarchy power battle.An enthusiast of fashion shows and trendy parties, she is an example of creative versatility, using her experience and vision to create exciting works in several areas of the industry.In short, a world full of vibrant colors, pop life scenes, and satire, coupled with a delightfully quirky personality, sums up Alice Moitié.