Vlada – The Sartorialist for French Vogue

Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist, photographed Vlada for French Vogue on February 4, 2008 in front of the Third Church of Christ, Scientist (583 Park Avenue at 63rd Street) right after the Oscar de la Renta fall 2008 fashion show.
Vlada’s interview loosely translated into English:
What she likes about herself : Her nose
What she likes the least: Her hair after fashion week
First move when waking up : look at the time
Indispensable clothing item: a scarf
Her perfume: Omnia by Bulgari
Her playlist: all genres – but a lot of club music
At home: in Omsk (Russia) “pleasant,comfortable, very cozy”
A place to unwind: some spas – but especially at home
A lucky-charm: none
In her suitcase: lots of books and chargers of all kinds