V Magazine 63: Natasha Poly, Ph: Glen Luchford

Glen Luchford photographed Natasha Poly for V Magazine 63 editorial on November 21-22, 2009 with stylist Panos Yiapanis.

“DOLL PARTS” by V Magazine
The self-made, rough-and-tumble glamour of Courtney Love couldn’t feel more of-the-moment. In an ode to the queen of grunge, whose album is out this month, supermodel Natasha Poly piles on the ruffles, prints, and girlish fineries of spring

V Magazine 63 Editorial
Model: Natasha Poly
Photographer: Glen Luchford
Stylist: Panos Yiapanis
Hair: Karin Bigler
Makeup: Lisa Houghton
Scan source: Austin Smedstad at Starworks