Rianne Ten Haken – “On the Docks” by Jean Paul Gaultier

Director: Johnny Green

Directed by Johnny Green, On The Docks tells the tale – with a carnal Jean Paul Gaultier edge – of the two lovers’ reconciliation – ‘where not the sea, nor the land, nor even their differences can keep them apart’ says the press release.
After 12 years as a set decorator, British director Johnny Green is an expert in spectacular films. In On The Docks his camera plunges the audience into the bowels of the ship, the bunks and Classique’s apartment with virtuoso lighting, 3D effects and soundtrack.

26-year-old beauty Ten Haken talks about what desire means to her. “It’s very mysterious,” she says. “You don’t know why you want it, and why you want it so bad. But there’s something magical about it. That’s why it’s so interesting.”