Post America – Steven Meisel in 032c

The New York Times has a fascinating preview of Alex de Looz’ interview with Steven Meisel from the “Post-America” issue of 032c Magazine.

the magazine has “a 14-page fold-out section that kept the production quality high: when you hold this issue in your hands, and when you pull out this colorful, fold-out archive of two decades’ worth of Vogue Italia covers — all shot by Meisel — you experience a lush, compact moment of “Print crisis? What print crisis?” It’s a Technicolor Vogue accordion, but it also has a certain grace, which is very much in line with 032c’s changing from what T Magazine itself once called the “new ugly” and channeling that into our own kind of energetic classicism.”

Seen in the fold out is one of the original WOMEN women: Shana Zadrick. While at Women, Shana had four Italian Vogue covers in a row: September, October, November and December 1991.