Irina Nikolaeva talks hairstyles in her article for Vogue Russia, July 2014

“The article is about models’ unique hairstyles and how these girls can create certain beauty trends themselves. People are always interested in something different, so I describe some girls of the moment with creative looks, for example like red haired Irina Kravchenko. I also list main hair tendencies that were mentioned on the biggest shows of the season, such as natural hairs that appeared on shows like Tom Ford and Burberry, or growth roots on Emilio Pucci. There was also a color splash on such shows as Herve Leger, DKNY and and a softer version on Marc Jacobs. And don’t forget the influence that pop-culture has on the fashion industry. ‘Game of Thrones’ inspired braids were everywhere from Givenchy to Alexander McQueen. All because people love Khalissi! :)”