Herieth Paul – W Magazine: How Up & Coming Victoria’s Secret Models Exercise

This week, 52 of the world’s most beautiful women descended on Paris for the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. There are some familiar faces—Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio, for example, have each walked more than a dozen shows—but there are also a group of newcomers making their debuts. Here, 6 stand-out rookies reveal how they prepared from the show, from the moment they found out they were selected.

Herieth Paul

How did you find out you were going to be in the show?
I was heading home from a job and received the special call from the agency! I literally made the car pull over so I could get out and scream and jump around!

What did you do to physically prepare?
Boxing, pilates, yoga and meditation, steam rooms, facials and keeping hydrated.

Did you add anything into your exercise routine?
It’s the exercises no one wants to do! Squats, leg lifts, push ups, abs and a lot crunches.

What are your favorite workouts?
I’ve been really getting into boxing lately so I stepped it up a notch when I got the show confirmation. On my off days, I love stretching and strengthening exercises by practicing yoga and pilates. Lunges are my favorite, I’m a sucker for pain.

Have you changed up your diet at all?
Not much at all, really. I’ve been pretty healthy! Now I’m more cautious about making sure I’m getting all the vitamins from my meals.

What’s your routine like the night before the show?
Ginseng Therapy Moisture Face Mask by Ling & Luminous Deep Hydration Lifting Mask by Tatcha, meditation and lots of beauty rest.

After the runway, will you take a break?
I will continue to workout but slow it down a bit for sure! I deserve a day off or two.

Link: http://www.wmagazine.com/story/how-6-up-and-coming-victorias-secret-models-exercise