Heather Marks

Heather Marks is a real beauty. Yesterday I took polaroids of her in the morning – the room we were in faces south, and the sun was still in the East. The light is better in the afternoon, when the sun is setting in the west and comes in at a golden angle. The flash was creating a strange halo – so I taped over it to trick it. The polaroid came out way too dark – But I still love it. The darkness emphasizes the chic-ness of Heather – the length of her neck, the symmetry of her head, the lankiness of her arms. The silhouette & matte texture of the polaroid reminded me of a Mats Gustafson illustration. Heather performs for the camera, is aware of her posture, and does her best to make the picture look great. Watch her at work, and learn how a picture can go from good to great:

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