Heather Marks Italian Vogue interview video

The video interview can be seen here on Vogue.it:

The face of an angel that doesn’t hide her determination to be always true to herself.
Famous for big blue eyes and a cheeky, elf-like look. She’s known in the fashion world for being one of the doll-like models.

Personal style
“Pretty much you just have to be yourself! Every girl has their own style, and that’s what clients like. They like to see variety. I wouldn’t really say that I adjust my style to match those of designers etc, I dress to be comfortable.”

Born in Calgary to British parents, at 11 she won a local beauty pageant. She immediately started working in advertising for brands like Calvin Klein and Karl Lagerfeld.

“Starting at the age of 14, you’re thrown into such a crazy industry. You’re working with girls double the age of you, I found I was always the youngest girl out there. I find you have to mature in this business, it’s almost like you’re forced to; personality and maturity is about 80 percent of the business.”

One of her first modelling jobs took her, at 15, to Zanzibar for a photo shoot. “The whole experience was absolutely amazing, taking a two-seater plane over the ocean, seeing monkeys in the forest, and the children there are absolutely amazing!”

She’s a volunteer for NewYorkcares, she looks after the animals that the association rescues. But when she’s at home she takes care of her English bulldog, Otis. She has a tongue piercing and a tattoo on her left ankle.

Like all Canadians, she loves sport: soccer, snowboarding and wakeboarding.

Never leaves home without
Her BlackBerry and her chapstick.

In public
Totally casual.

In private
“I wear tracksuit trousers when I’m at home.”

Shoes and bags
“My favourite bag is the Brenda by Alexander Wang. As for shoes, I usually wear ballerina pumps. But my favourites among high-heels are Christian Louboutin booties.”

“I currently prefer to mix delicate jewellery with rather more chunky pieces.”

“I cut my own hair, I’m used to it. My best look is when I’ve just washed it, very natural.”

Fashion tip
“Be yourself, don’t be afraid of saying who you are. Don’t follow the latest trends just because it’s easy.”

Good habits
Kickboxing, running and cycling.

Bad habits

She loves
“My dog Otis”.

She hates

Obsessed with
Mac’s Nars Laguna Bronzer.

Favourite designers
Isabel Marant, Alexander Wang and Rodarte.

Favourite music
“I’m Canadian, I can’t be anything but a country girl.”

Favourite food

Favourite drink
Coconut water. “Sometimes I’ll have a white wine, more like when I’m away in Mexico. I enjoy a light Pinot Grigio.”

Favourite movie
Now and Then by Marlene King.

Favourite book
“The books my mother used to read to me when I was little.”

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” [Napoleon Hill]

First thing in morning
“I put something on.”

Last thing before bed
“I brush my teeth.”


Souen, New York.
Angelica Kitchen, New York.

Cooffe Break
B Cup Cafè, New York.
7A Cafè, East Village, New York.

Cowboys, a Calgary, my hometown.

Park Hyatt, Istanbul.

Aritzia in Canada.
The Reformation, Lower East Side, New York.

Laurie Foley @ L’atelier de Laurie, New York.

Great Jones Spa, New York.
Russian and Turkish Baths, New York.

Clic Gallery, New York.

“My Kindle”.

Furniture shops
Antique shops in Woodstock, New York.

Other personal addresses
“The best escape: Sicamous, British Columbia, Canada. I’ve got a cabin in those part”

Edited by: Marika Surace