Eye Magazine Covers

Eye Magazine was published by the Hearst Corporation (Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping) to cover the emerging youth explosion of the 1960’s. It was marketed to college students (male & female) covering fashion, music, and politics.

Most issues came with a bonus item inserted for the reader (Posters, record, comic book). The last three issues had no insert. There were only 15 issues published between March 1968 and May 1969.

1968 & 1969 were wild times of women’s liberation, gay liberation and civil rights. Those years also coincided with the Vietnam War.

Why Cops Hate Students
Meet Julie Driscoll: Britain’s Trendiest Rock Star

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Laura Nyro – New Rock Princess

The Rolling Stones: “drugs and young girls…absolute dirt.” Or not?
Mother jealous of your freer sex life?

Sorcerer of Rock: Jim Morrison Raps
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The Dylan Gang

How to Get Angry Without Actually Killing Anyone
Miss America Is A Bummer

How 18-Year-Olds Can Win The Right To Vote
What A Young Man Can Learn From An Older Woman

Grace Slick, Peter Fonda, Julie Nixon and Frank Zappa Tell What Turns Them On
The Martyrs Who Live On – JFK, RFK, Che, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King
Payola 1968 – Does Money Decide Which Songs You Hear?